Who: Capital Integral Charitable Foundation

The donation: $75,000

The recipient: Ottawa Network for Education 

The inspiration: “We are not just another management company looking to make a dollar; we truly want to help our community. As we are locally owned, we believe that it is important for us to help with the needs of our next generation by paying it forward through the Breakfast Program at the Ottawa Network for Education,” says Dan Fried, CEO of Capital Integral Property Management. 

(left to right) Dan Fried, President, CICF and Kevin Darling, Chair, CICF celebrate the $75,000 donation to the School Breakfast Program at the Ottawa Network for Education.

Starting their school day on an empty stomach is a reality for some children in our community. The Capital Integral Charitable Foundation (CICF) is committed to ensuring all kids have a full tummy from a nutritious breakfast to learn, grow and thrive. The CICF has partnered with the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) for the next three years to contribute $225,000 towards the School Breakfast Program. The first gift of $75,000 was recently presented by Dan Fried, president of CICF, and Kevin Darling, chair of CICF, to the ONFE team, including Heather Norris, president and CEO. 

“Quite simply, children cannot learn when they are hungry.

Hunger makes concentration difficult; processing information is slower and general discomfort comes from not starting the day with breakfast,” says Fried. “The Board made the easy decision to support ONFE, as we recognize the importance of nutrition when it comes to learning.  It’s like trying to run your car without gas.”

The CICF was established by the Capital Integral Group of Companies in 2018 to give back to the Ottawa community. The business focuses on helping condominium corporations with property management services, maintenance and construction. Philanthropy is at the core of the company as the principal partners also donate their time to various boards and committees. The money raised by the CICF is generated through a golf tournament, annual online auction and corporate donations. 

“An unofficial slogan of ONFE’s School Breakfast Program is that ‘it takes a village to feed a child.’ With the support of partners like CICF, ONFE has been able to ensure that students from kindergarten to grade 12 across the city have had a nutritious start to their day throughout the pandemic,” says Norris. 

ONFE is a charitable organization that collaborates with partners and government and the community to develop fundamental programs for Ottawa students. The charity works directly with the four public school boards to fuel kids and ignite learning. 

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