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The Foundation (WCPD) has facilitated more charitable flow through deals than any firm in Canada

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Who We Are

The Foundation (WCPD) is a public donor advised fund that specializes in boosting the donations of Canadians using its public flow through share structure with a liquidity provider. Since 2006, we more than 450 closed deals, which is significantly more than any other firm in Canada. The Foundation has been directed by its clients to donate over 7,000 cheques to well over 1,000 charities across the country.

Our clients include a large number of major philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business executives and health, accounting and legal professionals. Drawing on the expertise of accountants and tax lawyers, The Foundation analyzes strategies to dramatically reduce your tax burden, which allows you to give more. Our efficient flow through model is further assisted by an esteemed Philanthropic Advisory Council, featuring some of the top financial professionals in Canada with specializations in tax, government policy and philanthropy. This founding board is assisted by our exclusive advisory councils representing culture, mining, women and the National Hockey League (NHL). WCPD is committed to the diverse needs of our clients.

The Foundation’s Philanthropic Tax Structure has led to charitable donations north of $150M by our clients all across Canada.

Wealth, Creation, Preservation & Donation (WCPD Inc.), our parent company, is a boutique financial services firm offering a comprehensive suite of money management solutions, insurance products and specialized tax assisted investments.

Our team is passionate about helping you get the most out of your donations while reducing tax.

We believe you and your charity deserve the highest returns possible.