Critical Minerals

Learn how our work fuels technology & our green energy future

Vital to our Green Economy

In April 2022, the Canadian government announced its first Critical Minerals Strategy to capitalize on the growing need for minerals used in everything from cell phones, to solar panels, to electric car batteries.

Canada’s critical minerals are:

  • Essential to Canada’s economic & national security
  • Required for Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Crucial for the development of new technologies

To stimulate investment and discovery, the government has implemented a 30% tax credit (or a 60% tax deduction) on flow-through financings for junior mining companies seeking these crucial materials. This Critical Mineral Exploration Tax Credit offers not only additional tax deductibility for donors and investors, but also an exciting opportunity to participate in our green energy future.

In addition to this tax credit, the government also announced $3.8 billion in support, paid out over eight years, to support infrastructure investments, supply chains and data analytics.

For more information, and full list of Canada’s 31 critical minerals, click here.