Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation Inc. (WCPD Inc.) is a boutique financial services firm dedicated to helping our clients create and preserve their wealth, reduce tax and increase charitable donations. We provide a comprehensive suite of money management solutions, insurance products and specialized tax assisted investments.

WCPD Inc.’s clients include a large number of major philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business executives and legal, accounting and health professionals. Drawing on the expertise of accountants and tax lawyers, WCPD Inc. is specialized in analyzing strategies to dramatically reduce our clients’ tax burden. In addition, WCPD Inc.’s Philanthropic Program, dedicated to our clients’ chosen charities, has led to charitable donations of more than $72 million.

We are committed to assisting our generous clients put some leverage on their donations so they can maximize their vision. It is a wonderful business and we are honoured to be a part of it.

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At Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation Inc., or WCPD Inc., we aim to assist all our clients with tax reduction services provided under a philanthropic planning framework. We help High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and leading corporations minimize their tax burden by applying the latest tax reduction strategies designed to save our clients money. Over the years, our strategies have helped save our clients millions of dollars by drawing our expertise from our in-house team of experienced tax lawyers and accountants. These individuals have been formally trained in the latest advancements in tax reduction services and continuously search for new ways to save our clients money.

Managed Tax-Advantaged Accounts

We save our clients money by investing in advanced money management solutions and insurance products designed to realize real economic savings for those subject to top marginal tax rates. By placing funds in specialized tax-advantaged investments, true savings can be realized while still gaining a substantial return on investment. This means that those who use our services are able to save on taxes in a way that actually increases net return on investment.

Philanthropic Planning

Our Philanthropic Program has been the impetus behind more than $72 million dollars in charitable donations since our company’s founding. Our philanthropic planning services guarantee an optimum net return on investment by maximizing the tax savings realized through charitable contributions. This means that HNWI’s and successful enterprises will be able to reduce their net contributions while still having the flexibility to donate to a cause of one’s choosing. Our philanthropic planning services can be used to donate to any legitimately-recognized nonprofit organization that one chooses.

Flow-Through Shares

Our philanthropic planning services are built on flow-through shares, which have been legitimately-recognized by governments since the 1950’s. These investments are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and provide plenty of legitimacy and precedent to back-up their efficacy for tax reduction. After more than half a century since their initial codification, they carry no tax risk as an asset class due to their incorporation into the fundamental framework of Canadian federal tax law. This means that our philanthropic planning services can help altruistic investors give back to the community without the risks and costs associated with high taxes.

Tax Reduction Products

In addition to flow-through shares and philanthropic planning services, we offer a full range of tax reduction products aimed at minimizing taxes and maximizing net return on investment. We utilize the latest tax reduction strategies to create customized solutions designed to increase the net income of our clients. We can work with a client’s existing accounting services as an ancillary advisor to provide a consultation on our core area of expertise. This means that by working with our company, individuals and successful enterprises have no need to switch from a preferred accountant. For altruistic clients, we can tie a customized solution into a financial services package that also incorporates philanthropic planning.

Investment Services

Our firm offers our clients access to our network of some of the best domestic financial advisors in Canada. We can work directly with our clients and these specialists to develop customized investment services that maximize a portfolio’s return on investment. Depending a client’s risk tolerance, we can create a customized portfolio that provides exposure to a wide range of assets. We can also leverage our tax reduction expertise to add value to these services to offer an even greater competitive edge. Philanthropic planning can also be incorporated into our investment services to help our clients give back while still reducing the total amount of tax due.

Insurance Services

In addition to our investment services and philanthropic planning, our firm can assist individuals and corporations in need of a wide range of insurance services. We can create customized insurance policies even for those who need a very specific application that might be difficult to find elsewhere. We can provide life insurance for HNWIs that is structured in a way to achieve tax reduction and maximize payout to our clients. Combined with philanthropic planning, these insurance services can save our clients substantial amounts of money. They can also give families and corporate leaders the peace-of-mind that they need to ensure that wealth can be preserved for generations to come.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services are designed to maximize the net return on investment provided for our HNWI clients or large corporations with excess assets. We can allocate resources according to the client’s risk tolerance to create a personalized portfolio of unique assets that are likely to earn a substantial return on investment. Due to our partnerships within the financial services industry, we are able to offer our clients very specialized products that can provide exciting opportunities that could be pursued by our clients. We also work to minimize the taxation that these financial services expose our clients to by continuing to invest under a philanthropic planning framework that minimizes taxation. By structuring assets in a way that maximizes return on investment, even after-tax, our clients will genuinely earn a substantial return on investment that accounts for all costs involved.

WCPD Inc. Philosophy

Throughout all of our firm’s services, we aim to minimize the tax bills of our clients while maximizing return on investment by focusing on altruistic philanthropy. We believe this is the best way to sustainably add value to our clients. By minimizing taxes in a way that is ethical and abides by prevailing laws, we can save our clients money without making risky decisions that can result in consequences later down the road. We have worked in conjunction with over 80 professional accountants to find the best strategies to reduce taxes in this way. By offering philanthropic planning services, we can assure our clients that they are saving money while still doing social good and helping others.

Our Team

Our company is led by Peter Nicholson, the founder and president of both WCPD Inc. and the WCPD Foundation. He has worked in the financial services industry since 1987. In every year since 1993, Nicholson has successfully qualified for a position on the Million Dollar Round Table. This is an organization that requires that members be in the top 5% of insurance providers worldwide. Since focusing on tax-assisted investments in 1995, Nicholson has successfully gained more than $100 million for his clients. He also owns a majority stake in Grand Isle Resort & Spa, a luxury community in Exuma, Bahamas.

In addition to Nicholson, our company has a wide range of staff members with experience in tax reduction and philanthropic planning. Allen Wong is our company’s senior associate, with extensive experience dating back more than two decades. He works with Michelle Claude, WCPD’s insurance manager, to provide personalized insurance consultations for our clients. These individuals also assist with philanthropic planning. Irene Brown has been with the company since 1997 and is in charge of controlling investments and donations on behalf of our clients.

WCPD Foundation

Many of our associates work with the WCPD Foundation, a registered non-profit organization that helps with philanthropic giving on behalf of our clients. The foundation assists clients with philanthropic planning and helping to distribute funds to their favorite charities of clients. The foundation accepts all types of publicly traded shares from donors, and then converts them into cash to make actual donations to the organization. In this way, the WCPD Foundation acts as the facilitator of our philanthropic planning services on behalf of our clients.

WCPD Foundation Advantages

When individuals or corporations make donations, recognition for a gift can still be maintained by the giver or anonymously donated by the WCPD Foundation. Donors are also able to create specific branded funds that enable our clients to give on behalf of their own foundation or their brand. Since maintaining a foundation can be exceptionally complicated and time-consuming, this organization gives our clients the advantage of being able to donate their own name without having to worry about personally-administering compliance.

Our Clients

Our portfolio of clients includes corporations and individuals coming from a wide range of backgrounds with many different needs. We have helped more than 600 physicians, 150 dentists, and a wide range of business leaders minimize their tax burden through philanthropic planning. We have also worked directly with corporate executives to minimize a corporation’s taxes and maximize charitable giving. Our company can also work with altruistic philanthropists who aim to do genuine social good while minimizing the cost of administering these donations through philanthropic planning. Our team of tax lawyers and accountants can worked directly with any HNWI to dramatically minimize their tax bill.

Schedule a Consultation

Our firm offers free, no-obligation consultations to help prospective clients who are looking for ways to save on their tax bill and give back to the community through philanthropic planning. Through the WCPD Foundation, our firm can offer a wide range of financial services that can truly help our clients preserve their accumulated wealth. This means that our clients are able to keep more of what they earn while minimizing the amount that must be given back to the government. Those looking for a reputable firm to manage their wealth in a responsible way are welcome to contact us.