Flow-through Offers an Opportunity to Reduce Taxes and Donate to Charity for High Net Worth Investors and Companies in Canada

In the InvestorIntel interview with WCPD Inc.’s Founder Peter Nicholson, well known for the creation of the charitable flow-through model, Tracy Weslosky asks if right now is the time for investors to investigate flow-through.

Peter Nicholson starts with: “Absolutely, and for a couple of reasons. One is that you could run out of product where there just isn’t any flow-through available at any price. And secondly, the prices tend to get worse for the investors, and the donors later in the year.” Adding that “because the issuers and liquidity providers that take away the risk demand higher margins on their side of the business because they know that they’ve got the investors, donors over the barrel because the end of the tax year is coming. This is a good time consistently after the federal budget till about September,

Labour Day has always been, the best pricing for investors to buy flow throughs.”

Tracy Weslosky goes on to ask Peter Nicholson about the critical mineral tax advantages, and they discuss added provincial benefits. Peter explains that WCPD Inc. assists, in addition to high net worth individuals, with holding companies and operating companies with big tax to pay. Stating that “there is no alternate minimum tax in holding companies and operating companies. So if you’ve got tax to pay, we can definitely help on the individual side — and on the corporate side, too.”

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