Nicholson invited as guest of ‘An Hour To Give’ and reflects on business and giving back to the community

A new radio show focused on philanthropy came by its name honestly last month, when it invited the President and CEO of The Foundation (WCPD) on for a segment to discuss the company’s contributions to the local community.

“An Hour To Give”, which airs on 1310 News every Saturday and Sunday, spoke with Peter Nicholson on Dec 29th about his more than 30 years in business.

“You have an incredible reputation here in Ottawa,” said Sam Laprade, a well-known professional fundraiser in Ottawa and host of “An Hour To Give”.

From the Philanthropy Awards, to the Giving Guide, to The Foundation’s new networking series for women, Laprade asked Nicholson why it is so important for him to be philanthropic and give back to the community.

“I have that bug,” Nicholson said.

“It just feels wonderful to help. We are very fortunate in our family and I want our children to watch what their mom and dad are doing. So I do it because I like it. And the last piece I’ll say for all the business owners, is it’s also great business. People want to buy products and services from the companies in Ottawa that are giving back. It just makes sense, and it makes you feel great.”

You can listen to the full podcast with Sam Laprade and Peter Nicholson here.

Since launching in early 2018, “An Hour To Give” has been a major success for 1310 News, profiling non-profits large and small across the capital region. It airs live every Saturday from 7am to 8am, and re-plays on Sunday from 9am to 9am. For more information on getting involved with An Hour To Give contact Sam directly at