A group of Canadian philanthropists enjoyed a beautiful day of cycling in Niagara wine country last month, courtesy of a donation by Peter Nicholson, the President of WCPD Inc and the WCPD Foundation.

niagara2At the cycling group’s helm was Steve Bauer, a legendary figure in the sport, who is the only Canadian to ever win an Olympic medal in road racing.
Nicholson purchased the Steve Bauer Bike Tour in Niagara last year as part of the Ride for Exuma, an annual event in the Bahamas, which raises money for those in need on the island.

After a tour of the region, the group had lunch at the Redstone Winery, where Nicholson spoke about both his work in Exuma and the philanthropic tax planning strategies for high-end donors at WCPD Inc.

Peter Nicholson, left, the President of WCPD Inc. and WCPD Foundation, speaks to Canadian philanthropists and cyclists about how they can give more to their favourite charities.

Many of those in attendance were from Les Domestiques, a charitable organization of cyclists that has raised millions of various causes in Canada.