Dr. Manfred Ziesman

"Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation's specialization in high taxed individual's needs gives them access to financial products that the general public is unaware of. Peter Nicholson is very personable, thorough, accessible and has excellent staff in his office. I have recommended him frequently to colleagues."

Dr. Manfred Ziesman, M.D. (WCPD client since 1997)
Plastic Surgeon - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Martin LaBoissonniere

"Peter has been part of my financial team since 1988. He's very personable, thorough and his team of tax lawyers & accountants provide excellent advice on complex tax matters. I've recommended him frequently to colleagues."

Dr. Martin LaBoissonniere, D.D.S. (WCPD client since 1988)
Dental Surgeon - Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. J. Wynands

"Since my first meeting with Peter Nicholson in 1994, I've remained convinced that I've found a financial advisor who is going all out for his clients. He combines sincerity with a very pleasant personality and great work ethic. When Peter gives me financial advice I know he has reviewed my personal file, in detail, and gives me advice based on a detailed analysis of my needs, financial markets and world events."

Dr. J. Wynands, Cardiac Anaesthetist (WCPD client since 1994)
Ottawa Civic Hospital & Heart Institute - Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Michael Zaritsky

"Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation and I have worked with many of our clients on tax planning issues. Our clients have found their structures to be creative and valuable in reducing taxes."

Mr. Michael Zaritsky, CA (WCPD client since 1997)
Senior Partner, Zaritsky Penny, Chartered Accountants - London, Ontario

Dr. Ted Phenix

"Peter and his staff are very knowledgeable in the field of personal finance and tax savings. They are a pleasure to deal with both in their expertise and their professional, friendly service. I would highly recommend their services."

Dr. Ted Phenix (WCPD client since 2001)
Doctor of Medicine Dentistry - Tisdale, Saskatchewan

Dr. Thomas Colina

"I have been a client of Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation since 1991 and I have found their counsel to be of significant value, especially in the tax savings area. WCPD confirmed with my accounting firm that their products were appropriate for my situation and paid for my accountant's time."

Dr. Thomas Colina, D.D.S. (WCPD client since 1991)
Dental Surgeon - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Gary Brooker

"Peter and his staff at Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation have more than met my expectations in all dealings I have had with them. I will always be grateful that I didn't ignore the first letter I received from them regarding tax shelters. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship."

Dr. Gary Brooker, M.D. (WCPD client since 1997)
Diagnostic Radiologist - Winnipeg, Manitoba