Who We Are

Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation Inc.’s financial planning strategies help increase your personal wealth by tailoring financial solutions that fit your personal circumstances. Our first meeting is always complimentary with absolutely no obligation.

Our rigorous approach helps our clients create and preserve their wealth, reduce tax, and avoid the many pitfalls of money management. We provide a comprehensive suite of money management solutions, insurance products, tax reduction and specialized tax deferrals, including a tax-advantaged philanthropic program.

Our clientele comprises approximately 150 dentists, 600 physicians and numerous corporate executives, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and accountants. Since most of our clients are highly taxed, we spend a great deal of time with accountants and tax lawyers analyzing various strategies that can dramatically reduce our clients’ tax burden. We also rely on our Philanthropic Advisory Council for guidance on strategies to maximize the charitable donations of our clients while also minimizing taxes.

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High wealth clients come to Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation Inc. (WCPD Inc.) for offshore tax management. A leader in tax amelioration, WCPD is a financial services firm dedicated to providing high wealth individuals with the philanthropic planning required for the creation and preservation of their financial position. Our suite of money management solutions provide specialized tax assistance, and insurance products to shelter high wealth clients from excessive taxation.

WCPD philanthropic planning financial services are designed to evaluate, advice, and manage high wealth portfolios through flow-through shares in mining contracts, and contribution to charitable entities that will provide the most tax exemption on donation. Our clientele include some of the wealthiest philanthropists, business executives, entrepreneurs, and accounting, legal, and health professionals from in North America.

When clients come to WCPD they are seeking solutions to tax reporting. Our philanthropic planning services offer a comprehensive approach to analysis and transfer of assets to safe haven products such as insurance, flow-through shares investment projects and philanthropic planning with tax exempt, nonprofit organizations.

Flow-through shares investment, insurance indemnity, and philanthropic planning provide high wealth clients the expertise they require in coordination with financial control and tax auditing. WCPD partners in the accounting and tax law field specialized in properly analyzing the capital structure and portfolio risk of a client.


Tax-assisted life insurance services offered through WCPD, provide high wealth individuals with tax credit in a tax shelter investment. Insurance policies protect income and other portfolio assets from tax liabilities. Offshore jurisdictions allow for tax exemption on life insurance products. Unlike other forms of taxable income such as capital gains, dividends, and interest income, life insurance products enable high wealth investors to offset future tax liability in an indemnity policy.

WCPD advises clients to purchase life insurance policies to reduce tax liability and shelter liquidity from future audit. Private placement life insurance is tax-free. By investing in a life insurance policy through an offshore broker, an investor can protect trust assets long term.

Tax boards do not levy national income tax or capital gains on life insurance policies at time of disbursement at death or dismemberment of the policy holder. Death benefits are preserved for beneficiaries, so that funds that might otherwise be sunk in a taxable investment are protected as part of a tax-free life insurance policy.

Cash value on a variable life insurance policy will depend on investment performance resulting from the policy. The higher exposure of variable life insurance contracts offer high wealth investors more capital gains. Taxation on variable life insurance capital gains differs by jurisdiction.

WCPD insurance advisors are skilled in insurance management. The best part of life insurance, is that premium investment can usually be tapped into for liquidity at term. The retention of a policy to term allows an investors extract cash flow from compounded gains, while the original death benefit and overall investment is sustained tax-free.

Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropic planning strategies can dramatically reduce a client’s tax burden. We are exceptionally skilled at creating the conditions for tax haven through financial services and philanthropic planning. Since its inception, WCPD Inc.’s Philanthropic Program has achieved charitable donations in excess of $75 million in tax haven protection for clients. Philanthropic planning is also a way that generous clients can contribute to the mission and programs of a preferred charity.

When high wealth clients seek advice on tax haven, WCPD offers transparent solutions. We are committed to knowledge sharing about philanthropic planning as a source of tax exemption. Our representatives assist clients in transfer of leveraged finance to donations. Philanthropic planning retains earnings, while maximizing vision.

WCPD financial planning strategies increase personal wealth by creating short term and long term philanthropic planning solutions to suit a portfolio. Clients can reduce risk, while protecting themselves from exorbitant taxation with philanthropic planning solutions. The WCPD comprehensive suite of money management solutions reduce taxation on wealth through insurance products and philanthropic planning tax-exemption.

Tax reduction financial services and philanthropic planning are in high demand by wealthy individuals. The more rigorous a tax haven strategy, the likelihood liquidity will be retained. The WCPD approach to wealth creation through philanthropic planning, is the best measure of ensuring that portfolio assets are protected from higher taxation.

The Wealth Creation Preservation & Donation Inc. Philanthropic Advisory Council for guidance on strategies to maximize the charitable donations of clients, also minimizes taxation accorded portfolio assets. Clients seeking wealth preservation through tax reduction are highly satisfied with a philanthropy as a vehicle for protecting portfolio assets from taxation. In addition to philanthropic planning, WCPD offers a range of money management tools for increasing portfolio liquidity.

Our corporate executive, medical, entrepreneurial and accounting clients benefit from tax-advantaged philanthropic program deferral of monies owed to franchise tax boards. Philanthropic planning has assisted some of our most taxed high wealth individuals, through analysis and application of tax haven strategies designed to dramatically decrease tax burden.

Flow-through Shares

Flow-through share tax credit programs offer investors an opportunity to purchase shares from mining exploration companies. Shareholders investing in mining shares receive a refundable tax credit on all eligible mining exploration expenditures. For instance, according to Canadian tax law, flow-through shares enable investors to improve their capital position, by buying shares from mining companies in exchange for a 5 percent reduction in taxes.

WCPD manages the tax credit certification process for filing of statements on resource expense and partnership income covered by tax shelter provisions. Our offshore services are designed to assist client’s investing in flow-through shares.

Our Team

Peter Nicholson , B. Com., CFP, RHU Twitter LinkedIn

Founder and President

Peter has worked in the investment industry since 1987. He is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Canada, the Ottawa Estate Planning Council, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Tiger 21 and Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada). Since 1993, he has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (annual qualification is limited to the top 5% of insurance professionals in the world). Peter has specialized in tax-assisted investments since 1995. He has generated in excess of $100 million for corporate clients. 

In 2012, Peter purchased a majority share of villas at Grand Isle Resort & Spa, a luxurious resort and second-home community in Exuma, Bahamas. He also has property and hospitality interests on Farmer’s Cay, part of an exclusive 365-island chain.

Allen Wong , B.A. Email

Senior Associate

Allen's financial planning experience dates back to 1992. He specializes in life and disability insurance and estate planning. Allen has been affiliated with WCPD since 1999 and he has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table since 2005. He works with Michelle Claude to provide insurance advice for WCPD clients. 

Bita C. Razeghi-Cattelan , B.E., MBA, CIM

Vice President of Philanthropy

Bita Cattelan has been a fixture of Montreal’s arts fundraising scene for many years. She serves on the Board of Directors at the McCord Museum Foundation, Les Grand Ballets Canadiens, UNICEF Canada, Ensemble Caprice and the Jewish General Hospital Foundation. Cattelan is also Chair of the Montreal Bach Festival Committee. With extensive professional experience in corporate relations and asset management, she holds a Civil Engineering degree from McGill University and a Chartered Investment Manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Michel Tilsley , B.Com Email

Director of Financial Services, Tax Planning & Philanthropy

Michel joined WCPD in March 2014 after completing the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. 
Michel leads and oversees all day-to-day tax planning, investment and foundation activities.

Helen Michell Email

Director of Business Operations & EA to Peter Nicholson

Throughout her career Helen has worked at all levels of business administration.  Her professional experience encompasses business analyses & organizational assessments, recruitment, training & team management, quality control & standards development, contract management and executive administrative support.  
She is accustomed to working in integrated team environments at the local, national and international level.

Jeffrey Todd , BAH, MA, BJ Email Twitter LinkedIn

Director of Communications

Jeff manages all communications for WCPD Inc. and WCPD Foundation. His duties include writing, marketing, media relations, high-level networking, event planning and brand building across company platforms.
Jeff is a former journalist with experience in Canada, the Bahamas and the United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining the firm, he served as the Business Editor of the Nassau Guardian and Bahamas correspondent for the Associated Press. 
His work has appeared in newspapers across North America, including the New York Times, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. 
He is also a published author, focusing on both novels and memoirs.

Christopher Richards , B. Com Email LinkedIn

Financial Administrator

Christopher has his Bachelors of Commerce at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.
He helps Director Michel Tilsley with the administration of tax related investments, donations, accounting and marketing.
He assists in analyzing mining companies and also helps with the WCPD Foundation

Bianca Policarpio , B.A. Email

Financial Assistant

Bianca aids with the administration of tax related investments and day-to-day operations.
She also volunteers with the WCPD Foundation with the daily administration of Foundation accounts, donations and sponsorships.
Bianca has moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where she continues to work with WCPD and the WCPD Foundation.

Michelle Claude Email

Manager, Insurance

Michelle joined WCPD in 1998. She has worked in the insurance industry since 1991. Michelle works with Allen to provide advice to our insurance clients.

Patrícia M. Ramos Email

Online, Social & Multimedia Manager

Patrícia has been in the multi, social media and online industry for over 12 years.
She currently manages various websites as well numerous social media accounts and platforms under WCPD and GIV Bahamas Inc.
She is also responsible for the multimedia database and the majority of the video and photographic content used. 
Patrícia is the company's photographer and videographer as well.

Anabel Bane Email

Database Manager & Accounting

Anabel joined WCPD in 1995 and manages its extensive database and accounting department.